Is It Ok To Wear A Buttplug While Pregnant?

The question of whether or not you can wear butt plugs while pregnant is also a common one. Anal is sometimes more comfortable than traditional sex, so some women turn to it instead to satisfy their sexual needs.

Are butt plugs safe to use while pregnant?

If there are no health problems associated with the pregnancy and there is no risk, using butt plugs shouldn't be a problem.

The key word here is "low risk." There are a number of reasons why women may be ill advised to use butt plugs during pregnancy.

In addition to this, you should never use butt plugs if you suffer from placenta previa. The placenta sits much lower than normal in the womb when this condition occurs. It is possible to damage the placenta by using a butt plug, which can lead to heavy bleeding and damage. The majority of doctors recommend you avoid all sexual activity if you have placenta previa.

More commonly though, the main considerations will be things like constipation, hemorrhoids, or simple germs. While some women can use their plugs while suffering these things and have no problems, for others it can make things much worse.

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