What Are The Best Male Masturbation Techniques?

It is very straight forward. All you have to do is just masturbate. But not in the usual way. This is what you do

  • Abstain from masturbation for a couple of days to let the tension build up. If you are like me who needs release everyday, you can skip this step. But building up the tension will result in more pleasure later on

  • On the day when you are not able to hold any more, get some lone place and free time.

  • Get naked and start watching porn, or reading stories or whatever that gets you really horny.

  • Start masturbating. But here’s the catch. Don’t masturbate till the end. Stop just when you are about to hit the point-of-no-return. This is called edging. Do this for quite some time. After edging for some number of times, you will finally reach a point where you just have to release or you will die. This is the point when you go to the next step

  • If you were lying on the bed, move to the edge of the bed such that your legs are not on the bed. Like in the image below but with both legs on the ground. If you are lying on the floor, move to the next step
  • By now I hope its a ‘I need to do it or I am gonna die’ situation. Start masturbating.

  • Just as your orgasm builds up, lift up your legs. If lying on the bed, lift them up to be parallel to the ground and if lying on the floor, lift them just a little. Lift your upper body as well. Only a little. You should be feeling tension on your abs. Basically you are now resting only on your ass but in a way that it is creating tension in your abs as well.
  • Keep masturbating, close your eyes and enjoy the explosion.

Be Warned: This method will give you such extreme orgasms that you might get addicted to it.

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